Tweet Wheel WordPress plugin
Tweet Wheel WordPress plugin

Do you know how to get traffic to your blog from twitter, No – then continue with me to learn to get heavy traffic from Twitter for your blog and website? As you all know twitter is used by many of the celebrities all over the world and its users are genuine as compared to other social websites.

Maybe you are using tactics like tweeting your posts many times, retweeting popular posts more and taking help of social networking sites to share the posts which are having fewer visits.

We had come with an interesting WordPress plugin for twitter, with it you can get heavy traffic to your website without doing retweeting and so much hard work.

The name of this useful plugin is Tweet Wheel.

Ok, Now I will let you know the complete setup and the importance and why should you use Tweet Wheel plugin.

Why buy Tweet Wheel WordPress Plugin

A powerful and simple WordPress plugin which help you to promote your post automatically on Twitter. The content which you write with hard work is useful only when the visits on it is good and that also boost your confidence and writing skills to start with new and quality content. Tweet wheel will increase your content visits with the related visitors only, that means the visitors which comes on your content ( blog/website posts) via Tweet Wheel tweets on twitter are the visitors which are interested in your content.

As tweet wheel pro provides you to promote your Post with different titles, this feature helps you to boost SEO of your website single post with different titles. Many of bloggers may be in search of such plugins – here you found the WordPress plugin Tweet Wheel.

If you are not in the mood to invest money on this plugin then you can use its free version which is available on the WordPress plugin repo for Free.
If you need pro features (highly recommended), then you should get their “Pro” version from the official site here.

Tweet Wheel Plugin features

  • Reduce your work by automatically sharing your posts on Twitter.
  • In Pro version, it supports WordPress featured image option.
  • You can create multiple titles for the single post using Template feature.
  • Shorten post URL using URL SHORTENERS.
  • Draft a post for advanced publishing
  • You can create a tweet queues and share a post infinite time on Twitter.
  • On publishing, Your post will be a queue.
  • Tweet Wheel can automatically queue your new publish post.
  • Live hashtag analytic feature with Pro Version of Tweet Wheel.

Where to buy Tweet Wheel Official plugin – from here you can buy Official Tweet Wheel plugin for WordPress Websites and blogs.