How to install JDK

Install JDK
Install JDK

Hello, friends, this is my first post for java I hope you will find it useful.So let us start. For starting java programming first of all you need to have java(JDK) installed on your machine.So in this post, i am going to tell you that how to install JDK on windows PC.But before installing you need to have some knowledge of JDK, JRE, JVM. So let’s go through these terms shortly,

1 . Java Development Kit:

JDK is a java development kit which contains complete libraries for the java classes also called packages.It contains

javac: java compiler i.e. javac.exe that is needed for compiling.

Jar: For creating achieves of .class files by compressing

JRE: java run-time environment, explained bellow.

JVM: java virtual machine, explained bellow.

2. Java Runtime Environment:

JRE provides an environment execution for the java program.It also physically exists in the memory.

3. Java Virtual Machine:

JVM as its name suggests it is a virtual machine and does not exist physically.It enables a computer to run the java program.

The above are the short description for the important terms.Now we will see how to download the setup file for JDK (any version).To download the JDK just go through the following steps


2.Go to the download->java->java section->java SE->JDK.

3.Now accept the license agreement->now select from download which is suitable for you computer configuration.

Here the downloading of the setup file will start.Let it download first.Once it completed you can now install the JDK on your computer.For installing go through the following.

1. Double-click on the setup files from the download folder.

2. Hit ‘yes’ or ‘allow’.

3.Now accept the license and hit next.

4.Now setup wizard will ask for the location, you can give any location but the default one is recommended.

5.Hit next->next.Now the wizard with the message ‘Installation Successful’.

Here you have installed the JDK on your System. If you have any problem while doing so then please comment.