How to use Google Data Highlighter Tool for Website Structured Markup

Google Data Highlighter Tool for Website Structured Markup
Google Data Highlighter Tool for Website Structured Markup

As our website emphasize more on beginner developers rather than the experts, but experts can refer our website to become professional developers for a website,android and much more. Keeping in mind about beginner website developers, first, we will learn what is Structured Data Markup.

You may have seen in different Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing which uses structured data features of websites to display their search result in the well refined form with different filters available for the website developers with greater accuracy and enhance the way results are displayed. So, all these things combinedly help the user to find the query they search in easier and exact results.

There are three types of structured data markup:

  1. Microdata
  2. Microformats
  3. RFDa

Your Website will have different pages, for example, articles, products, movie tickets, software selling, Mobile App download. For one web page, you can only use one type of structured data markup, select the type of data markup which suits to your website coding.

Structured data has one major advantage: visibility. Information stored within structured data can be used by search engines to generate rich snippets. Rich snippets provide the user detailed information relating to their specific queries.

What is Data Highlighter Tool

Data Highlighter is one of the options in the Google webmaster Tool, this tool helps google to get structured data markup details of your website to Google Bot. The simplicity of data highlighter tool is more as compare to another way of structured markup, because of which you can tag the data fields of the website with a mouse clicks. After fetching all this markup data, Google display a rich snippet of your website pages in search engine with more efficient and attractive way. The structured data markup by using data highlighter tool is also displayed in google product such as the Google knowledge Graph.

Why to use Data Highlighter tool

For website hosting pages with product, event listing or any other data which is having the date, name , location and so on then for such web pages you must use data highlighter as it will create a rich snippet in the search engine result page, helping a user to get your web page content details exactly on a search page. Once the data is highlighted using data highlighter, it will become available in the search result when the Google or any other search engine bot crawl  your site again, the event data will be available for rich snippets on search results pages.

Requirements for Data Highlighter Tool

One of the must thing before you proceed to data highlighter with any web page is that the page must be indexed in Google or at least must crawl by google recently. You can manually crawl your web page in Google by using FETCH AS GOOGLE option in Google webmaster tool. Read: How to crawl web pages manually in Google

Fetch as Google
Fetch as Google

Note:  Data highlighter Tool is not useful for web pages with login credentials.

Which data types Data Highlighter Supports

Website pages having the data of articles,Events,Local Businesses,Restaurants,Products,Software Applications, Movies,Tv Episodes,Books can be highlighted for rich snippets using data highlighter.

Steps to start with Data Highlighter tool

Step.1 Login to Google webmaster with your Gmail credentials. Read: How to Create Google webmaster account

Step.2 Now in the left panel, you can see different option- Select Data Highlighter option after that Click on START HIGHLIGHTING button.

Step.3 Enter the details of your web page in popup window, your page URL and then select Type of information to highlight. Available types are articles,Events,Local Businesses,Restaurants,Products,Software Applications, Movies,Tv Episodes,Books. You can tag group of page for same data highlighting or separately by using two option available in the pop-up box.

Data types in Data Highlighter
Data types in Data Highlighter

Step.4 Now in next window Highlight each and everything. For example in Article data highlighting there are following tags Author, Date published, Image, Category, Ratings and article Title. Using auto select in the tool select all these tags and in the last click on publish button.


Here you are completed with data highlighter tutorial with the live example of article type data highlighting, you can use other type of data too as per your web page content. If you need any help related to data highlighter tool then comment with your query. Till then stay tuned with Buzzmycode and share our tutorials with needy coders.