Android Spinner with Search using XML Tutorial


Android Spinner with Search using XML

Hello, Guys, It’s been so long I was away from my beautiful visitors. But from today you will get regularly new tutorial on different programming languages and tools as you use to get in past. Today we will learn about using the Search feature in Android Spinner for static data using XML.

How Search will work in Android Spinner?

When the user of an App in which the developer had implemented the coding after learning from our tutorial called Android Spinner with Search using XML Tutorial click on the Spinner’s down arrow then a search bar followed by a  list of options would pop up. The listed data will be filtered as you start to type letters in the Search bar of a spinner. For your easy understanding, a sample image of Android Spinner with Search is provided below.



Android Spinner with Search Example

Creating a New “Android Studio” Project

  • As usual start Android Studio with blank activity (Empty Activity) for the project.
  • Now by default MainACtivity.Java and activity_main.xml will be available with the new android project.
  • Now we will start to configure this two project files with our own code for “Android Spinner with search bar” Project

Copy the below code as it is and paste in activity_main.xml file, you can get this xml file in Layout folder.

Now click on java folder, as all your project java files will be in it. Search for file, now e will make following changes in this file.

Now create a new class with name and copy the following code and use as it is, you can modify if you know how to do it.

Next is to again switch to XML files, create a new xml file (layout file) searchable_list_dialog.xml and add the following code. It configures the view after spinner is tapped.

Next, create a values resource file named colleges.xml and add the following code. It will contain the list of options to be filtered upon the search.

Finally, create a values resource file named attrs.xml and add the following code.

Now you had assembled every code to get start with your app. Run the app, if you had followed every method exactly then you will not get any error. If you have any query then fill free to ask in the comment box, till then bye and have a nice life.

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