What is E-Commerce

What is E-Commerce?

What is E-Commerce

Today is the internet world every thing that you do regularly can be done online, it may be shopping, ticket booking, bill payments, refilling you mobile balance etc. In electronic world we might hear “E-Commerce” word at least once a day. What is E-Commerce? Some of the expert people knows very well, but what about the people who are unaware of this word? Don’t worry, go through the following article I guaranty this would be very helpful to you.

If you are new to the E-commerce world, you must be having some question like What is E-Commerce?, How does it works? Who are using it?, How to start it? etc. Here i am having easy and simple answers for some of these questions.

What is E-Commerce?

For understanding E-Commerce you first you should undergo what “Commerce” is? If you give an attention on “E-Commerce” you will note that it is a combination of “E” and “Commerce”. If you read it separately and slowly you can easily understand it. Here “E” stands for Electronic and E-Commerce actually is Electronic-Commerce. Fist i will give you an example of commerce.
“Imagine you went to the crowded market and you stand like a pole without chattering to anybody close your eyes and just hear your surrounding”. Did you get anything? Of course yes, that crowd buzz is the Commerce. It is that Commerce which you call it as Trading. The market runs with buy and sell concept this selling and buying does with money. This is the commerce, the place where these services are available is a market.

Now imagine “a sound of typing very fast on the keyboard” . Here you will found very low sound as compared to the previous one but, the crowd is very heavy. This is the sound of people placing order on the internet. So, E-commerce is the smart way of doing business.Consider, A physical furniture store and an online furniture store. The physical furniture store is the Commerce and online store is E-Commerce where trading is done electronically that is the money are transfer electronically rather than physically.

How does it work?

Everyone knows how the offline market moves. That is the whole process from raw material to the product that available in the shops that the people buy. Do you think E-commerce is distinct with Commerce? No, E-Commerce is very similar to Commerce. Following are the various steps of E-Commerce:

1.Sourcing : This is the stage where the inventory get ready.
2.Cataloging : Here the ready product is photo shoot for display.
3.Listing : In this stage the photos are uploaded and product are listed for selling.
4.Marketing : This stage is the key of every business. The products are hosted and advertised.
5.Packaging : This stage is directed to the warehouse where the products are kept. Customer places the order and this orders are processed by this stage.
6.Shipping : Once the product is packed it is now ready for delivery. Shipping include all the jobs from courier to the cash collection(in case of Cash on Delivery).

Advantage of E-Commerce :

There are principally two advantage of E-Commerce:
1. Standardize process : Extending the business 10 times just need increasing the product 10 times instead of setting up the 10 different shops.
2. Global reaching : With the physical shop at a place you can connect with the peoples nearby to the shop place. With E-Commerce you can connect customers globally.
This was just the introduction about E-Commerce. In my initial stage of working with the internet event I did not know what is E-commerce how does it works etc. But now I am very clear about this concept and hope you also got what it is.

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