Increasing follower on twitter is basic need if you want to increase your presence worldwide from your office seats or while watching TV sets in the home. Now you will ask what are the different ways to increase follower on twitter and that too the organic ways.

Yes, there are many websites which use bots to increase twitter followers but these methods are not organic methods. Because follower from this bots may be inactive twitter account. So following such methods will not increase your presence on twitter because inactive twitter follower will never retweet your tweets or do any other activities.

How to Increase Twitter Followers Organic

OK, now we will start with our tweaks to increase your active follower on a twitter account. Log in to your twitter account and complete your profile and others details, as it will look good for others to attract more to follow you.

Step 1> Search verified twitter accounts like the celebrity, politician, and companies.

Here I will guide you with illustrated examples. Ok now as I am Techie person, so I want my followers should be the interested person in technology. For that, I will search only verified twitter accounts of techie person or companies.

Twitter Verified Account
Twitter Verified Account

Step 2> Now open verified account and navigate to FOLLOWERS tab, there you will see different account who follow to that twitter account.

Step 3> Start following all the accounts if possible try to follow only active accounts. (Active twitter account has Display picture in maximum cases.)