How to increase followers on Facebook profile

How to increase followers on Facebook profile

Every one wants following and FAN following on Facebook gives feeling of being Celebrity on Facebook world, for big fan following for your profile one have to be celebrity in real life or alternative is my article. Yes, after reading my article on how to increase Facebook profile follower you will get big list of Facebook follower that too from genuine Facebook profile.

What is FOLLOWING on Facebook

Follower are the people who are not friend with you but they have interest in reading what you share and what you like, actually Facebook launch Follower option for those who exceeds Friend list of 5000 friend. But then also they want more friends then they can enable Following option by which people can Follow them and enjoy features of being Friend. Following option on Facebook will allow them to see your public updates in News Feed. So, it feels like a celebrity when you have higher number of followers on your Facebook profile

Follow my article in which i detailed with authentic way to increase Facebook profile follower without buying followers or using fishy tools which may damage your Facebook profile.

Steps to increase followers on your Facebook Profile:

At first check your profile settings if you have allowed people to follow you. So, go to your Privacy Settings>Followers. Select “Everybody” from the “Who can follow Me” option as shown in the below image.

Facebook Follower
Facebook Follower

Now whenever any one send you friend request then automatically the sender will be added in your follower list, it will increase your Follower list. Don’t accept friend request from those who you don’t know, as your aim is to increase follower that will be complete without accepting friend request from unknown persons.

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