Yesterday I’ve seen a forum thread that points to some guys who made millions of Facebook likes and views in the matter of 5-6 hours (screenshot was taken a bit late).

Create Facebook Reaction Poll Streaming
Create Facebook Reaction Poll Streaming

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Live Demo of Facebook Reaction Poll

Download Source Code: Live Facebook Reaction Poll

So, I decided to replicate the method. You will get the complete spoon-fed method and source code with a live counter that’s going to count the real number of votes. I replicated this method like 12 hours ago, after a sleepless night and I’m releasing it right after I got up.

I’m not selling anything. Just decided to give back to the IM community. Feel free to share/like/comment if you like what you read.

There’s one more day before elections are over, so try to squeeze the more you can out of this method. Once again, KUDOS to the original method creator! They truly are pure genius!